• “Delight yourself also in the Lord and He will grant you the desires of your heart” – Psalm 37:4

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Share Your Dream

A big part of manifesting your dreams is writing them down.

Take this time to share YOUR dream in the comments section!



This is WHAT The GREAT Edward Elliott had to say about me, Curt Bizelli

The GREAT Edward here,
Great new friend and Special Guest DREAMER for this week is …
The GREAT Curt Bizelli!

I first met Curt on Facebook back in April 2010 in the TSA and Daily Crushers Syndication Tribe.

Curt is passionate about his dreams and determined to make them come to be.

A devote Christian that walks with Christ at his side in all that he does.

Check out this weeks installment of Share Your DREAM Friday and hear Curt’s story and dreams!

These were the VIDEOS that were included:

Living The Dream
After one month, Curt put his goals down on paper to be in Nashville, TN within one year. ACCOMPLISHED! He found a roommate, a laptop and a car … He sold everything in his apartment and packed up what he could in his Lincoln Towncar.
lincoln-side-upon-purchaseThen he headed off to Nashville, TN.
It wasn’t long before the floor buckled.
He lived out of his car off and on for about 3 months.
!!! … and he has many connections from MUSIC CITY!!!
Curt plans on moving back to Nashville area -.
– when he is more financially stable and its God’s timing!
In the meantime, he is currently residing in Houston, TX,
7 months clean & sober .. in therapy working on himself 7-days per week!
, Now, Share YOUR dream in the comment section. What have you always wanted to do? What are you passionate about? What has God put a calling on your heart for?

Please Share With a Friend, as well as Leave Your Feelings in The Comment Section Below!!!

God Bless Your Success,

Alpha Bizelli Marketing & PR, Inc. - Passion Over Hype

2 Responses to Share Your Dream

  1. Living it now Curt, traveling the world, big bigger things to come. I dream to grow my blog to epic proportions and to help more and more people do the same.

    Great idea bro!