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Looking for ways to make money online? Here are some TOP affiliate programs (most are free) that you can try on for size and see how they work for you. Next to each is a little information about the online making money opportunity and some insight / editorial on how it has performed for me. So without further-a-do, Make Money Online Today!




Laid Off To Paid Off (FREE)– Collect $20 payments over and over via paypal without ever having to open your wallet or ever having to ask another to open their wallet. Simple 2 step signup money making machine has made me over $200 part time, barely promoting.

It pays you daily!



Smoketip (FREE) – Everybody is hyped up on the health & wellness businesses these days. Why not join with a TWIST by offering an electronic cigarette. You don’t have to purchase one in order to promote however you can get yours at – If you’d like to simply make money promoting the eCig which, by the way is a downline structure where you get paid off of your referral’s referrals, go to and fill out the signup page.


Get Rich Radio (FREE) – This is revolutionary. A millionaire decided to give back to his radio listeners by paying them CASH just for listening and referring. You don’t have to refer, but it helps. Just for listening to the radio station (which is good by the way), you get paid, for every second you listen. You also learn real valuable business & life lessons. You can turn down the volume and go about your business, still earning if you don’t want to listen at that time.


Thumbvu (FREE w/ upgrade options) – Traffic Generating Site that will drive traffic to your websites, blogs and pages. They offer a free account or an upgraded business account. Either way you earn if you refer others to the site.


Sweeva (FREE w/ upgrade options) – Another Traffic Generating Site that will drive traffic to your websites, blogs and pages. They offer a free account or an upgraded business account. Either way you earn if you refer others to the site.


Adkreator (FREE w/ upgrade options) – An in depth AD creating site with templates and ad designer for capture pages, banners and more. There is a free account and a business account. Either way you earn for referring others to the site.


SEO Clerks (FREE) – A site where you can offer any of your own services for a price and make money off of them. The cool thing is you can refer others to other people’s services and make a cut too.


Live Chat (FREE) – See the “Chat Now” OR “Leave a Message” in the bottom right corner of this blog site? This is live chat service. You can try it free for 30 days then sign up for the free affiliate program.


Paid Viewpoint (FREE) – I got my start over a decade ago online by filling out surveys. I didn’t make much money because I was overwhelmed with spam email. See these sites tend to share your email with 3rd parties like crazy. That’s the difference between Paid Viewpoint and “the others”. Paid Viewpoint has made a commitment not to share your information with any 3rd party. They are very respectful and legit. There will be no spam and you’re guaranteed to get paid over a period of time filling out surveys. Earn bonus by referring others!


2 Silver Eagles – The economy is dead! America is heading toward death period. The US Dollar has met its fate. Start investing in real precious metals for UNDER spot value. This the only affiliate program on this page that is not free. It costs $14.97 one time to join, and it is a Matrix. Fill up your downline and earn SILVER or the equivalent in cash which is constantly increasing due to commodity inflation.


Kannaway – A company focused on providing quality CBD Rich Hemp oil products. Legal in all 50 states. ONLY $15 to sign up as Brand Ambassador and Build Your Business in the “greenrush” / 12 ways to profit. watch the video at:



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