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… Yeah, My name is Curtis Ray Bizelli. You can call me CURT! I’m a man of faith and integrity. I stand for the truth and all the core values “my momma” instilled in me. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life but by God’s dear grace, I’ve been able to face every challenge and overcome any obstacle in my path. I’ve been working online for Two Decades. My profession is Marketing, Media & Public Relations.

I am a drummer, a former singer and poet. I have over 200 poems & song lyrics published on The Starlite Cafe online.

Let me know if there is anything I can assist you with in your career. I’d love to assist you getting noticed or reaching that next level in your career 🙂 

This is me at about “5 years of age” …

Curt writing at young age - jpeg

My Momma sat me down in front of a wood table at 5 years old, placed gobs of office supplies in front of me such as pens and paper, even an old typewriter … I used to sit for hours on end just “playing office” … I was also really creative when it came to writing. At about the age of 8, I began doing freelance writing work sending any piece of material I wrote to publishers.

With that being said, Now at 32 years young, I have have nearly 1/2 a century of professional writing experience that helps me with articles, blog posts and most importantly press releases.

Needless to say, I was meant to be in BUSINESS.

A friend of my mom’s created me “Entrepreneur” biz cards when I was 11.

Besides, The First Three Letter of My Last Name are B I Z, baby!

Registered BIZELLI Cooltext

I first started getting recognized online via Associated Content: The People’s Media company which was later bought out by Yahoo! I wrote there as a Content Journalist for several years.

I was born to be an entrepreneur; a God-Driven one; one that reaches out to others in order to help, encourage, inspire, and motivate.

(All tasks assigned and ordained by a Higher Power and By HIS Calling) …

I thrive on optimism. That is the absolute truth my friend. I may get down at times, but GOD always lifts me up.

“In this world you will have trouble, but take heart for I have overcome the world” – Jesus Christ (John 16:33)


Jesus coming out of the tomb

My Friend,
I truly wish to “touch” others with my story.

I am known for working as partner to Doug Deneve at When Magazine. Doug was a fabulous mentor that taught me much about the entertainment and media industries. Being from music city, he put me in touch with a lot of contacts as well. I worked at When for at least 10 years, leading the staff and doing absolutely everything under the sun until I became fed up with pulling all the weight.

I’ve now founded two of my own media outlets: Eternal Affairs Media & The Clean Version. I’m a Brand Publicist, Strategic Digital Marketer and Freedom Activist. God has also recently given me the title of “Watchman of The End Times”.

Check out my other sites as well. Connect with me on Social Media:




I have learned quite a bit from some very reputable sources including working with Fortune 500 companies, being a trainer for those companies myself, and working in Criminal Justice for a few years. I’m continuing to add to my knowledge AND contact base day after day. I have a Klout OVER 60 on my personal / professional Twitter @TruCurtBizelli (ask me for a SHOUTOUT), and I’ve booked radio interviews for many celebrities and public figures including but not limited to:

David Nixon – Co Producer of Facing The Giants & Fireproof, Director of Letters to God

Matthew Wilder – One Hit Wonder, “Break My Stride”, also hits for Miley & Billy Ray Cyrus as well as Christina Aguilera and more.

Nise & Ben Davies – Nise got Miley Cyrus’ career started at a young age and Ben is her son that starred in COURAGEOUS The Movie.

Chief Justice Roy Moore – Notorious for Upholding The Ten Commandments at a Government Facility

… and many more …

curt cbiz biselliano bizelli april may 2015

Now, I am working in Public & Media Relations. I have a dream to move BACK to Nashville one day and travel the world:



God Bless Your Success,

Alpha Biz Global 3.0 Passion Over Hype


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Publicist / Producer / Director: Curt Bizelli Profile (IMDB): Internet Movie Database



Curt Bizelli

1-615-398-CURT / skype: THE1CBIZ



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God Bless Your Success,

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22 thoughts on “About Curtis Ray

  1. I am a published Author, Metis Historian. A Passion for all things PARANORMAL. Rune Reader – Investigator- World Paranormal Research Society – I Will ALWAYS TELL YA HOW IT IS, no SUGAR COATED REALITY HERE. The Truth is out there. INJUSTICE FIGHTER I am an Empath and have communicated with the dead all my life, this gift can be considered a gift and a curse all in the same breath and it is all in the way your decide to embrace it. I appreciate the dead and the messages they have for us, they may have a story to tell us or knowledge they wish to pass along to us. To survive in the Spiritual Plane and Universe you have to have the ability to have an open mind and a will very strong. Faith and belief can carry you through anything. I embrace my gifts and try to use they for good and to deliver messages to those who ask me to do so. We all have a Huge part to play in this universe, it is all up to us how we decide to use our gifts. I am a Rebel and Truth Seeker, Civil Rights Activist.

    on-going case that had started March 5, 2017. My husband a US Veteran with a combat related leg injury and severe and persistant mental illness begins the journey of extreme hell of ABUSE, TORTURE, DENIAL OF MEDICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH CARE. Danny Smith Head of Inmate Mental Health at Travis County Correctional Complex in Texas should be FIRED……- denied crucial Anti-psychotic medicines for now 142 days

  2. Verrrrrrrry nice!I like it!But of course, the only one who rlleay has to like it, is YOU. Yes Hon, I do listen to my scanner at active times of the year. Like during summer racing season. And New Year’s Eve. It can be a hoot. Even though I know that listening to a scanner is a *sure sign* of my advanced age. LOL. Hey, if it’s fun, it’s fun! ,-)Glad you too stay in where it’s safe and have your New Year’s Celebration right there. I especially love it that there is no travel to get home, involved. Wish a Happy and Healthy New Year, to you and yours!Mari-Nanci

  3. Hi Curt,

    It is great to meet you! I love your honesty and openness. I have respect for someone that can put themself out there. My husband and I have been to hell and back in the past 5 years losing our dream house, moving 3 times in 4 years with 3 children trying to find our way but so depressed we could hardly function. My husband dealt with his depression turning to alcohol but I am happy to say that is behind us now and I know we had to go thru all that to become the people we are today. I work 2 jobs, go to school online to get my teaching degree, my husband has a good job and we love our kids to death! I’ve started my own network marketing company and am meeting so many wonderful people and learned so much. Right now I’m reading “Think and Grow Rich” and really excited for what the future holds. It’s great to meet you and I look forward to connecting with you!
    God Bless!

    1. Hi Trish,

      Thanks for the compliments on respect. Respect is an important thing to me as it is with many so I appreciate and honor that. Also thanks for sharing part of your testimony. I pray things work out with your network marketing business. Just remember not to get to much on your plate – I often struggle with that myself. I need to get the “Think and Grow Rich” ebook back up on this blog again. I had it then re-did my layout, etc. If you go to the page in top navigation, you’ll find an offer for the AUDIO SERIES (all 15 mp3 chapters) …. that might be something you’d like to consider. Feel free to connect with me on all of the networks as well as skype at THE1CBIZ.

      Thanks again, Keep coming back and God’s Blessings,

  4. Good to meet you bro! Love your stuff that you are doing- Great foundation of faith- The Love Dare- grgeat recommendation for a book- look forward to getting to know you more.

    1. Thanks, I had an affiliate link to The Love Dare on my old website. That is because I strongly stand behind Fireproof, Sherwood Pictures, etc. – have some ties being in PR – however never completely read the book myself. I’m becoming more and more careful about what I promote. I have another blog over at MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS PUBLICITY

    2. Whoa Pat!
      Its been a long time. How are you doing in your life and career?
      I’m focusing on rebuilding this blog and providing much value while building and maintaining relationships.

      Let me know whattssssssup 😉


  5. Hello

    It’s a great day today at work and I have time to browse around. I was looking on concrete and construction info and Googled your website. I enjoy it, it’s nice and I also love the way you write your articles.

    Definitely it’s a pleasant surprise and I’m glad Google pointed into your direction.


  6. Hi – I want to say thanks for an interesting site about a subject I have had an interest in for a long time now. I have been lurking and reading the posts avidly so just wanted to express my gratitude for providing me with some very good reading material. I look forward to more, and taking a more active part in the discussions here, whilst learning too!!

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