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I just got finished working on my vision board project. I needed something to do while this video was processing. Gosh Dawg, It used up my entire CPU *hehe … Anyway, On to the subject at hand.

Do you have your blog set properly?
Is your wordpress blog up to par?
What about CommentLuv?

Let’s Discuss It:

Aight, I’m a PR man that promised you the scoop so here it is. Karin Boode wrote a blog post recently that made A LOT of people stop and think as to whether their very own wordpress blog was set up properly in relation to LINKS and CommentLuv – CommentLuv is a popular wordpress plugin that allows the last post of the comment(er) to show up as a link below their comment. Pretty cool, eh? …
… Not as great as you would think …

Ok, This can be a very powerful tool, but there are some secrets we are leaving out. One in particular. A very detrimental one that MOST people DO NOT KNOW ABOUT!

With wordpress’ default setup, the “backlink” is almost “pointless” because it really isn’t a “backlink” at all. WordPress adds a tag called “no follow” to the link. This immediately tells google to ignore the link when crawling the site/blog, therefore “You get NO BACKLINK”. The only way to fix this is to download and install the no-nofollow plugin!

View the video below and learn how to make your blog into a “Do Follow” Blog as opposed to a “No Follow” Blog.


Now, that you know what to do, Go do it!
HERE is The No-No Follow Plugin Download Page
(instructions are in the video)

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