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OK, So do you know who Robert Kiyosaki is?


If not, google him (seriously folks!) … He’s one of the world’s leading financial advisers of our time. He’s got some awesome, awesome material that I personally cannot wait to check out, including a book calledRich Dad, Poor Dad” that a lot of people know about!

I’ve only seen his videos online, and I was impressed by just that.

When Dave & Dawn Cook wrote, “I was on the phone with Robert Kiyosaki” – it grabbed my attention! I read this particular blog post and was blown away by something majorly underlining in people’s BRAINS that I’m going to share right now – with you.

And I’m going to give you a Call To Action Right Now: When you’re done reading this and viewing this post, leave a comment because I really, really, really want to hear how your family relates to what you do online (MLM, network marketing, home based business). Are they scams, etc?


In regards to sharing your opportunity with your family and friends, Robert also talked about the fact that even some of his family members are still stuck in the employee mindset. He said that when he returns to Hawaii to see his family, he has family members who still ask him if he’s found a job yet, and they feel sorry for him when he says “no”. (What planet do they live on?)

Quote from Robert: “If your friends don’t understand why you’re doing what you’re doing, then you need new friends”


So, Is this harsh? Hell no if you ever truly want peace and happiness in life; if you want to succeed in fulfilling your ultimate desires, as well as your calling in life. See, it takes somebody on a total other “mental level” to understand the complexity of the entrepreneur’s mind! See, a lot of us are surrounded with these Awesome, Positive, Upbeat, Enthusiastic Business Associates (who most happened to be Network Marketers) everyday; we are with them; around them (even if its just online). What we have to do is stop and try to put ourselves in the shoes of someone with a different mentality – Its what I’d like to call – “Get a Job Mentality” (like the quote says, “What planet are they on?) … I think of this and think,

“Why would I want to go back to dreading every MONDAY?”

“Looking forward to every FRIDAY just so another WEEK OF MY LIFE HAS PASSED BY” …

My friend, if you want true happiness in your life, I’ve GOTSTA GIVE YOU SOME NEWS! Its not gonna come from outside sources AND YOU are the only one that can make a change for your future. (That’s TWO very valuable insights. If you get anything out of this, Take that with you).

Here is Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant to shed some more light on the “different types of people in this world” with different mentalities.


What are you going to do? Either way, please leave a comment letting me know what you think of what I had to say here. :-) Be a Leader, Stand Up. People will follow if you “do it right” …

OR … YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND A JOB LIKE THIS GUY (pretty cool video I just have to share):

Nevertheless, LETS MAKE THINGS HAPPEN (at least for TODAY) Carpe’ Diem, Baby or as my buddy Paul Klaszus says, “Carpe’ Fidem” meaning SEIZE THE FAITH!!!

God Bless You Until Next Time May He Keep You in His Spirit with Much Abundant Love,

Curt CBIZ Bizelli

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