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Rich Dad, Poor Dad: Get a Job, Own a Job, Hire People to Work For You, Allow Money to Work For You!

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OK, So do you know who Robert Kiyosaki is?


If not, google him (seriously folks!) … He’s one of the world’s leading financial advisers of our time. He’s got some awesome, awesome material that I personally cannot wait to check out, including a book calledRich Dad, Poor Dad” that a lot of people know about!

I’ve only seen his videos online, and I was impressed by just that.

When Dave & Dawn Cook wrote, “I was on the phone with Robert Kiyosaki” – it grabbed my attention! I read this particular blog post and was blown away by something majorly underlining in people’s BRAINS that I’m going to share right now – with you.

And I’m going to give you a Call To Action Right Now: When you’re done reading this and viewing this post, leave a comment because I really, really, really want to hear how your family relates to what you do online (MLM, network marketing, home based business). Are they scams, etc?


In regards to sharing your opportunity with your family and friends, Robert also talked about the fact that even some of his family members are still stuck in the employee mindset. He said that when he returns to Hawaii to see his family, he has family members who still ask him if he’s found a job yet, and they feel sorry for him when he says “no”. (What planet do they live on?)

Quote from Robert: “If your friends don’t understand why you’re doing what you’re doing, then you need new friends”


So, Is this harsh? Hell no if you ever truly want peace and happiness in life; if you want to succeed in fulfilling your ultimate desires, as well as your calling in life. See, it takes somebody on a total other “mental level” to understand the complexity of the entrepreneur’s mind! See, a lot of us are surrounded with these Awesome, Positive, Upbeat, Enthusiastic Business Associates (who most happened to be Network Marketers) everyday; we are with them; around them (even if its just online). What we have to do is stop and try to put ourselves in the shoes of someone with a different mentality – Its what I’d like to call – “Get a Job Mentality” (like the quote says, “What planet are they on?) … I think of this and think,

“Why would I want to go back to dreading every MONDAY?”

“Looking forward to every FRIDAY just so another WEEK OF MY LIFE HAS PASSED BY” …

My friend, if you want true happiness in your life, I’ve GOTSTA GIVE YOU SOME NEWS! Its not gonna come from outside sources AND YOU are the only one that can make a change for your future. (That’s TWO very valuable insights. If you get anything out of this, Take that with you).

Here is Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant to shed some more light on the “different types of people in this world” with different mentalities.


What are you going to do? Either way, please leave a comment letting me know what you think of what I had to say here. 🙂 Be a Leader, Stand Up. People will follow if you “do it right” …

OR … YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND A JOB LIKE THIS GUY (pretty cool video I just have to share):

Nevertheless, LETS MAKE THINGS HAPPEN (at least for TODAY) Carpe’ Diem, Baby or as my buddy Paul Klaszus says, “Carpe’ Fidem” meaning SEIZE THE FAITH!!!

God Bless You Until Next Time May He Keep You in His Spirit with Much Abundant Love,

Curt CBIZ Bizelli

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P.S. Please take action now and leave your comment on this blog article. Also if you really liked what I shared, please pass it along. People will truly value you for it 😉 Blessings!

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God Bless Your Success,

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30 Responses to Rich Dad, Poor Dad: Get a Job, Own a Job, Hire People to Work For You, Allow Money to Work For You!

  1. What a stuff of un-ambiguity and preserveness of
    precious know-how about unexpected emotions.

  2. I don’t even know how I stopped up here, but I believed this post was once
    great. I do not understand who you might be but certainly you are going to a famous blogger
    when you are not already. Cheers!

  3. As Venezuela continues to destabilize, anti-money laundering and Bank Secrecy Act compliance officers must take notice of the increased risks

    • Thanks for your comment however I don’t see a risk. Its not the government’s responsibility to stabilize the money. God already did that. Man screwed it up. Blessings in His Name!

  4. Hey Curt,

    I think Robert Kiyosaki is great too. I have recently had to prune some negative and single-minded ‘friends’ from my life. Felt bad and harsh at the time but they were holding me back from being who I wanted to be.

    Since then I have grown tremendously and have more like-minded friends on-line than I could ever have imagined, who I will hopefully meet in person one day

    Thanks for the great post,
    Beth 🙂
    .-= Beth Hewitt´s last blog ..Becoming a Senior Utopian =-.

    • @Beth – I can completely understand. I find that most of my positive friends and relations are on the net as well, on my part, simply because I can “get outside the midwest” 😉

  5. We started college when the credit card craze began. Our parents had never taught us about credit cards because they never had one! We were living in the rat race until Kiyoski taught my husband and I a better way! I really love this post, and from the comments I can see that we all do!
    .-= Linda G. Cox´s last blog ..Building Self-Esteem is FUN! =-.

  6. I love this post. I can totally relate to the family comments.
    .-= Lisa Saline´s last blog ..A Day At the Park with Our Chevy Traverse =-.

  7. Curt, what a great post. I think a lot of us have family that think we’re nuts and don’t understand what we do. I agree with Paul Klaszus and Frank Sinatra that “The greatest revenge is massive success”

    I appreciate all that you do Curt!


    David Haines
    .-= David A Haines´s last blog ..Awesome New WordPress Plugin For Your Blog! =-.

  8. Hey Curt,

    Great post my friend. Thanks for sharing this with us all. I have similar experiences with family and friends. It is easy to change your friends but family… that’s another story. I know why so many people give up on their dreams since the people that they expect to support them the most are the ones that tell them they can’t do it.
    Let’s all build up our self-image and with the power of the mighty grace of God we can do all things.
    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,
    .-= Edward´s last blog ..Everything You Create Or Acquire Begins In The Form Of Desire… =-.

  9. Curt,
    We’re glad to see another fan of Robert Kiyosaki. You did a great post and thanks for referencing our post! You understand his teachings and that is so beneficial to you.
    On your question on the response of my family (Dawn’s), they are just like Robert’s family. They don’t get it and there’s nothing I can do since they are stuck in the Employee Quadrant. I think that is so common for all of us since the school system only teaches to the employee quadrant!
    Thanks for continuing the sharing of Robert’s expertise!
    Dave and Dawn
    .-= Dave and Dawn Cook´s last blog ..Are You Selling Bologna Juice? =-.

    • Hey guys, yeah, I actually was inspired to write this after I read your post last week. 😉 Thanks for the encouragement and love!

  10. Hey Curtis…there are so many areas of our lives where we are misunderstood. We have gotten so used to it…I hardly pay attention any longer. Also…others are so used to us doing things that are not “normal” I think they have gotten used to it as well. Most of the time…this is a non-issue for us. Perhaps there is an element of time and consistency that changes people’s minds…I don’t know.

    Thanks for the post my friend!
    .-= Bruce Backman´s last blog ..Training Video 1 =-.

  11. Curtis,
    It’s not only business choices that confuse friends and family. It’s also a way of looking at life that confounds some. Being positive and moving forward towards your dreams tends to make some people uncomfortable. Oh well, good thing there are plenty of like-minded people to share your journey with!

    Thanks Curtis,
    Val 🙂
    .-= Val Wilcox´s last blog ..Clarify the Right Relationship with Yourself =-.

    • I completely agree with you Val. Personally, I believe from a business perspective that these two things run hand in hand. When you are driven with a higher purpose and you’re thus positive about it, you’re going to be a better business person (not to mention happier). However the man or woman that is negative about life is going to be LESS LIKELY to MOTIVATE to create their own business and even if they did, I personally do not think they would be as successful as the positive alternative. Thanks for your comment!

  12. I can definitely align with Robert. The majority of my “circle” don’t understand or take what I do seriously. Some may not respect it and other may just not understand it. There are a few though that really support me and all my endeavors. Those few overpower that majority ten fold. I have tunnel vision so whether my people get with it or not Im gonna do my do! Support is CRUCIAL though….

    • Amen man, Tunnel Vision is almost crucial. It was described in Napoleon’s Hill’s Book, “Think and Grow Rich” as a DEFINITIVE PURPOSE or AIM! Download it if you haven’t already, and thanks for your comments bud.

  13. Curt,

    Yep, a lot of people don’t “get” what we are doing and why.
    We speak with so many people who talk about their careers and the fear of losing their jobs as if they are the center of their existence.
    A person with a vision, belief and passion, will definitely be committed to taking the action required to achieve success in what it is they love to do.
    Thank you for the wise words.
    ~ Pat and Lorna
    .-= Pat and Lorna Shanks´s last blog ..Top 5 Reasons to Organize Your Social Media Relationships =-.

  14. Hey Curtis, this is a great post and some good advice for people with that want an abundance mindset. Once I read The Cash Flow Quadrant It all made sense. Too bad so many people don’t find out how to finish what they start. It’s all about mindset, getting rid of past beliefs about yourself and learning from like minded people. Thanks for sharing!

    • It truly is a shame that “some people just don’t get it” … but the way I look at it … Its a lot more their problem to deal with than mine. I’m making my future with God governing everything I do. I know YOU get it! God Bless!

  15. Hey Curt! I enjoyed that post!

    It’s a shame some people can’t get the understanding and the support from their friends and family. It’s like you said there’s a mindset that goes along with that.

    Thanks for sharing!
    .-= Chris White´s last blog ..Teacher’s of the Art: Jonathan Budd =-.

  16. Ok, so here is my dilemma. My children are 17 and 15, making plans for college. And I think college is a great experience… but I really want to encourage them toward online marketing.

    How do I interest them in that? (don’t forget, if I recommend it, they are very likely NOT to do it)
    .-= Debbie Lattuga´s last blog ..Limiting Beliefs | 7 Ways to Release Them Fast =-.

    • Hey Debbie, Why would you want your children to do something that they don’t want to do? Isn’t that what of the fundamentals we learn in this biz: “to do what you love”? I think after college when they come to you and say “I don’t know what to do” OR “I’m not happy with my job or career” would be a good time to bring up your suggestions. Pray things work out; God’s blessings! .. just remember, there are many other ways to be in “business” and be an “entrepreneur” or “business owner” without being in Online Marketing as well!

  17. Super content laden Post Curtis. You have written well the essence of hoe to be successful. Thanks

  18. haHA! Can I get a Hurrah?!

    Well written, my friend. I have close friends and family who are no longer on speaking terms with me. I have two great quotes that I will hang on to:
    1. The greatest revenge is massive success! -Frank Sinatra
    2. For so is the will of God, that with well doing you may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men.
    (1 Peter 2:15)
    .-= Paul Klaszus´s last blog ..The Number One Phrase I Use to Push Through Anything to Accomplish Everything =-.