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Hi y’all,

I’m coming at you with great enthusiasm. Yes, it’s a bit early still and I’m trying to wake up physically, however my heart is bouncing for joy. SEE, I reached an accomplishment within an online group (called a “tribe”) that I’m a member. It’s a genuine honor and pleasure to be among the awesome leaders, and I’m truly stoked to “do my part” in making a difference this week!

NOW, onto subject matter … How would YOU like to not only be well known across the net, but also stand out in this age of advertising overload? (I “got” that title from a book I’m reading called “Mind Capture”) NOW, I’m going to show YOU, the independent online entrepreneur how to personally brand, and how I’m going to do this is by offering you a very short list! (I read in Men’s Health last night that men “especially” love lists primarily because it gives the illusion of control. I’m sure you women will get much value out of it also. We all know that YOU can be control freaks too – j/k)

Now, we aren’t going to make this some boring old list. I feel like MIXING THINGS UP A BIT! So let’s have a little fun. :-)

This is a list of equivalencies aka formulas for success. They all lead up to ONE ultimate formula that will help YOU brand yourself as “the” online entrepreneur and stand out in the age of advertising overload! | What do I mean?

Passion = Niche = Knowledge & Expertise
Purpose = Calling = Ultimate Happiness & Fulfillment
Value = Prospects = Financial Gain & Tangible Riches
Name =  FAME baby!

– Get creative with  your personal branding! Badda Bing Badda Boom BABY!

Now, onto the analysis Dr. Freud. J/k …

PASSION (It “begins” here)

Seriously, when you have passion, all else will follow. It all begins here. It all begins with passion. You wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing unless you had some type of passion driving you. Its easy for the online entrepreneur to see this, but its also a truth in the individuals that are stuck in “the rat race”. (I.e. If you have a PASSION for helping your children, you may go to a 9 to 5 to supply them their needs even though you don’t have a direct passion for your work! As a matter of fact,  you may literally despise it.) There’s absolutely nothing wrong with providing for your family, but when its all said and done, I “personally” would like to say I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE (EVEN WORKING)!!!


This is derived from your passion and also what will come later down the blog post: Purpose = Calling. This is also what will lead to your tangible knowledge and expertise in a given field of study. (It may not be at your traditional college or university BUT IT WILL BE THE BEST DAMN EDUCATION OF YOUR LIFE!!!


This is the spiritual side to your passion. “But Hey Curt! I’m not passionate about what I’ve been called to do?” … most likely you‘re not going to run into this issue, however IT CAN HAPPEN! If you’re not in line with GOD’S WILL for your life then its easy to forget who is ultimately in control (and that is God). Not YOU. Not your Mom, Not your Boss! BUT GOD! My best advice is to pray. Yes, pray to God that your passions be aligned with your given purpose. This is where your Dreams and your Destiny forge a bond that is unshakeable if you live out the calling God has placed in your heart! The Two Become One! … You’ll soon find yourself LOVING ALL THAT YOU DO!


Instead of pitching your MLM or business to everyone you meet, try providing some value. There is so much truth in the statement, “We can get what we want if we just help enough other people get what they want”. Don’t ever forget that your ultimate purpose on this earth (this is Everybody’s United Purpose “if you may”) is to do good works for a higher power. I suggest planting seeds. NO, not in the soil, but in every heart you come into contact with on a daily basis. When you do this sort of thing and provide something “of tremendous value” to the person you’re meeting, instead of turning them away, you are forging another bong, building a relationship and gaining that person’s trust. THE REST WILL FOLLOW!

SO, We’re down to the final equation:

The truth of the matter is Not Everybody becomes famous or popular, but you CAN get people in your corner.

You CAN make a difference which will not only impact the world around you but send blessings your way that you’ve never dreamed of.

YOU CAN CREATE A “NAME” FOR YOURSELF! … It all starts with Passion!

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God’s Blessings Are Best,
Curt CBiz Bizelli

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