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Hi y’all,

Its been one heck of a month and I apologize for going this long without blogging. It is totally UNLIKE ME! I won’t give excuses or anything of that sort. I’ll only accept responsibility and thank you for still viewing my blog and remaining a loyal reader and contributor.

Well, My B-Day was Friday the 17th. I turned 26, and I had an excellent time off. That’s something I usually do not do (is take time off)! Even within this last month I’ve been putting hard work into other projects outside of this blog. I’m always busy doing something and I LOVE IT! Didn’t expect that did you? Yeah! I love what I do.

So I took some time off for my b-day (friday & part of saturday). I learned a valuable lesson:

Sometimes we get in a comfort zone. In my case it was “work” 24/7 … But the lesson is this … no matter what … always find time to do other things you love TOO! Even if your comfort zone makes you entirely happy, still step out of that zone and truly find time for yourself and “something new”. I almost didn’t know what to do at first, but I soon embarked on an adventure that WAS GREAT IN THE END! … Now I’m back to doing what I love (In God’s Time, I made it back to this blog to give you this message) …

I was blown away by the amount of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY’s” I received on Facebook and Skype. You would have had to click “Older Posts” at the bottom of my Facebook Wall about FOUR times (“at least”) in order to see all of them. WOW! There are so many new faces to connect with also. I can’t wait to GET ON THAT TASK!!!

This is my gift to you for Wishing Me a Happy Birthday! (gift changed to something “more special” on 8-27-12)

You made me feel special. I want to give you something valuable for free that you can ONLY BUY IN OTHER PLACES!

More Coming Soon so Stay Tuned and God Bless Your Success,
Curt CBiz Bizelli

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God Bless Your Success,

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