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I just succeeded in Robert Kiyosaki’s CashFlow 101 e-game! Yes! You heard me right. Robert Kiyosaki is now allowing anybody and everybody to play online cashflow 101, and I’ll give you the link in a bit, but remain with me for a sec. Allow me to share my experience with you! First off, I’m not selling you anything. There are absolutely no affiliate commissions in this for me whatsoever; not one invaluable dime! This is just so truly exciting and I’m having so much fun over there with his online “goodies” that I can’t contain myself from sharing with you today! Let me fill you in on a few of the other educational “goodies” he’s offering if you register for free on his official website.

These are just some of the things that he offers over there:
Accounting and Finance is one of his specialties so you’ll most definitely get a lot of education in general, however particularly when it comes to Accounting and Finance … ultimately He Will Teach You How To Get Out of The Rat Race!

There are more resources and information from Rich Dad than you could possibly imagine including videos, audios, articles and the Online CashFlow 101 Game that you can play for free. This is NO “MONOPOLY” … this is so much better! You could almost say the Ultimate Money Simulator “just short of a few things” focusing on assets, liabilities, expenses, income, investments, accounting, finance, mortgage, real estate and more! (hehe) I’m hoping precious metals is covered in CASHFLOW 202 which is another version of the game, also online, that I haven’t tried yet.

Anyway, Everything that you run into in your real life rat race can be found in playing the rat race CASHFLOW 101 Game. I’m excited to get back even/just try the 101 again because it was so fun and entertaining.

Something I noticed was that Robert Kiyosaki speaks to you the entire time in the form of a mouse. It can get quite annoying and you can mute it if you choose, however I see a benefit in leaving it on.

He repeats the same finance tips over and over again thus it sticks in your mind, even subconsciously while you’re playing the game! I got on the fast track and out of The Rat Race! Next time, I’m shooting to be a millionaire; maybe later a High Score! Nonetheless, the most important thing is that we apply what we learn to our real lives. There’s a lot to learn.  I’ll let you know how it goes. HECK!

Quit Reading and …

Head on over there now to WWW.RICHDAD.COM (just click register at the top of the page)

In addition to the cashflow game and what I’ve mentioned, he also offers Personalized Reports, Surveys and an Audio Version of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

Plus So Much More!

Oh Yeah, 1 Full Year Free INSIDERS – VIP membership as well!

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