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The holiday rush is in full swing, does that mean you have to feel rushed too? Did you join in the “Black Friday frenzy? If so, what did that do to your stress level? This month, I am going to offer five tips to decrease your stress and help you have a more relaxed holiday season.
Do you schedule too much activity? If so, you might wish to identify what really matters to you. Look at your holiday tasks and choose to do the ones that bring you the most joy. See which “to do’s” you can ignore this year and remove three unnecessary responsibilities or social obligations from your agenda. Take some time and distinguish which activity is important and what is not as you adjust your focus to include the activities that bring you joy. While you are at it, take a moment and decide the difference between good enough and perfect. Are there some things that you could do at a more moderate level?
Move. Build some form of exercise into this month because it will increase …
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