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I’m going to show you HOW to get an amazing amount of ATTENTION to YOUR BLOG! … listen up … I have to share my story first!

I’ve been focusing on other things like I’ve mentioned several times over the past several blog posts, but something I just realized … is I took what I had at my disposal for granted and it passed me by.

THE POWER OF SYNDICATION AND THE TRIBES THAT ACCOMPANY THIS! I’m deeply sorry for defaulting on my obligations to the great individuals of the following tribes; families (if I may) …

I had things at my disposal being a member of two great tribes: TSA (Tribe Syndication Association) and Daily Crushers … but I must admit that I started slacking somewhere down the line once I became complacent with all of the tweets, FB shares and comments I was so generously being given. Yes! It really works! I mean, You should have seen the tweets and comments I was receiving” … You would have thought I was on my way to being the the next KATIE FREILING or JONATHAN BUDD! … but nah … I slacked and all of the attention left!

I’M BACK! Not with Excuses, but only a quick apology (above) and value (right now)!!!

See, its true that “You can surely receive what you want if you just help enough other people get what they want” … so think about it for a second. Really think about it: What do people want?

… Well if you’re in the same arena as myself which is the “Internet Marketing” arena along with a lot of the rest of y’all visiting this blog post … these are the things you want when it comes to “doing the do” (as I’ll call it) in Attraction Marketing!

  • Comments
  • Syndications
  • Opt Ins
  • Traffic
  • Recruits
  • Sales
  • … (you can pick & play with the list but when it boils down to it, these are among the MAIN FUNDAMENTALS THAT YOU WANT AND “EVERYBODY” WANTS) … so going back to our philosophical quote:

“If you help enough other people get what they want than you can surely have what you want.” (said a little differently) … then Why Not Give Them What They Want?

This is the power behind what you call Syndication Tribes such as TSA and Daily Crushers … but GOOD NEWS … you don’t have to be a member of a special group to reap the rewards. Just go out there and start commenting on people’s blog posts. Go out there and start tweeting and Facebook Sharing. Connect with the people behind the blogs that you’re syndicating and they’ll begin to do the same thing for you. Its human nature at its best!

Its so easy to find blogs nowadays, however if you’re having a hard time, simply look up “Networked Blogs” on FACEBOOK! It will give you a place to start!

Thank you TSA and Daily Crushers for teaching me this great method of receiving traffic, comments and syndications; and thanks as well to top notch leaders such as Katie Freiling and many others for teaching on this subject!

I apologized for defaulting on my duties to the tribes, and now I am back in action. You will find me (after I publish this post) immediately stepping into the commentator and syndicator role! :-)

So, one last thing! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR! Share this post if it helped you and leave a comment!

God Bless Your Success,

Alpha Bizelli Advertising & PR, Inc. Passion Over Hype
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God Bless Your Success,

Alpha Bizelli Marketing & PR, Inc. - Passion Over Hype

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