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Hi guyz –

Been awhile, I know. I got back from an awesome, transformational trip to “Music City” aka Nashville, TN a couple of weeks ago with my business partner, Doug Deneve. WOW! Was it eye opening & truly life touching & amazing & every other word out there to describe beyond phenomenal.

Anyway, I’ve been catching up on business. Running an online media outlet as well as publicity agency and dealing with all the client’s sites, promotions and affiliate partners can be a bit overwhelming. We all know the hundreds of tasks that it takes to perform just ONE of these obligations. Nevertheless, The Good Lord always helps me out and its working out just GREAT! I have some valuable information to share with you today! (I knew you were waiting for that!!!)

I just overcame a huge obstacle: My Facebook FanPage! I could never figure out for the life of me how all the “Pros” were able to get their pages looking so sharp with video and capture forms. Well, I found a great Free Tool that helped me piece it all together. I still have to work out some minor tweaking however check it out at

I’m going to share this tool with you, because for neglecting this blog. I OWE YOU THAT MUCH!

Its a Facebook App called “HTML iFrame Tab App for Pages” (I know! A doozy of a title!) … What’s the difference between this app and regular FBML and why not just use FBML? … well you could just use FBML, however I found “HTML iFrame Tab App for Pages” to be a lot more user friendly when it came to attempting to create and iFrame.

See, I did the research and found out how to create and iFrame, had the webpage page for the iFrame as well as the iFrame code I needed to plug it into … but BLAH BLAH BLAH!

With “HTML iFrame Tab App for Pages” you don’t even have to mess with any code. Just go to the app and enter the URL of the page you wish to show up in the frame and it does all of the work for you. KA – BAMM! NICE!

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God Bless Your Success,

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