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Have You Surrendered Your Will To God?

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From His very birth, something about Christ inspired allegiance, loyalty and homage. Wise men brought Him gifts. Shepherds fell down and worshiped Him. And angels, knowing more than men that He was truly King, became celestial minstrels before His manger throne. Herod, realizing that there is never room for two thrones in one kingdom, sought Jesus’ life.

Does Christ reign in your heart? Is He Lord and King? Thousands of people who have their names on a church roll have never surrendered their will to Him as King. You may believe in God and the church, and even in Christ, but you have not surrendered your will to Him.

As Jesus came to the age of approximately 30 years and began His ministry, His claims upon people’s lives were absolute. He allowed no divided loyalty.


In AA, I was presented with the philosophy of turning my will over to a Higher Power, but in the early years I still didn’t quite understand. Most importantly, I didn’t quite grasp the significance. In a nutshell, after years later working in Marketing and PR assisting people in manifesting dreams, I have come to acknowledge that absolute importance of turning our wills over to the care of God in order to live a happy, joyous and fulfilling life.

We all have a specific calling and purpose in life destined by a Higher Power = God. We can’t fulfill that will HE has for us if we are still trying to put things in place and live our own.

To sum up my purpose in life = to spread “truth and life” … this is what God has called ME to do, specifically using My Gifts in Marketing, Media and PR. You have a specific purpose also. You have gifts too. But you’ll never realize it if you don’t surrender everything … for SOMETHING!

What’s your purpose in life?

Hit me up if you need some help.

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