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Use Hootsuite? This New Facebook User Data Policy May Affect You!

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Use Hootsuite? This New Facebook User Data Policy May Affect You!



As business professionals, we often get in a hurry and we need things to make our lives as well as running our businesses “simpler”. This is where online software such as Hootsuite comes in handy.


I, myself, have been an Avid User of Hootsuite for SEVERAL YEARS now! Things are changing though 😕


This is the LATEST NEWS from Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite, that I wanted to share with you today!


As you’ve likely seen in your feeds, Facebook is taking active measures to ensure the privacy and security of their users’ data. To keep user information safe and secure, both Facebook and Instagram are changing the way partners like Hootsuite access data, and we are in full support of these changes. We believe they’re in the best interest of our customers and their customers.


Some of these changes will impact Hootsuite functionality. We are committed to the privacy and security of your data while ensuring you remain empowered to support your customers through social media.


We are actively working with Facebook and will continue to provide real time updates on any impacts to how you use Hootsuite in our help article.


We look forward to the continued opportunity of working with you.



Ryan Holmes, CEO, Hootsuite


So, what is to come? …

Recently … just a few days ago, Twitter made changes to its policies where it no longer supports software such as Hootsuite sending to multiple Twitter accounts at once. I was rather P-o’ed about this because I have over 15 Twitter handles I manage on Hootsuite and this came in handy when broadcasting messages in a jiffy.


I guess I’ll get used to more of my freedoms being taken away. Just don’t take my guns!


Facebook did show some empathy, “And, while change is never easy, we believe the immediate platform updates we are announcing today will build stronger connections for people, developers and businesses in the future, while maintaining their privacy and security on Facebook.”


It’s not clear EXACTLY how these things such as “publishing to groups” will be affected however Hootsuite attempted to shine a light in their own vague help section; …


The following is a list of some of the Hootsuite functionality impacted by the recent Facebook and Instagram API changes:


Streams for Facebook Groups and Events

Streams and assignments for Facebook private messages and Instagram comments

Publishing to Facebook Groups

Searching for Facebook Pages and Instagram users when adding streams or mentioning them in posts

Liking and commenting on Instagram posts


We will continue to update this list as functionality issues are resolved and/or uncovered.


I’ll try to keep you updated on the Hootsuite news. I’m interested in how the Facebook User Data Policy changes will affect my everyday life & business as well. I hope they don’t take away posting simultaneously to multiple groups. This Internet Censorship is just RIDICULOUS here lately. If you’d like a dose of TRUTH visit my 8-year alternative, online media outlet at and as always, I covet your support and prayers. ~ God speed!




Facebook Developers


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