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  • Making a Unique Impression for Returning Customers/Clients: OPEN COMMUNICATION!!!

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    Hi y’all,

    If you’re a returning visitor to my blog here at Manifest Your Dreams (dot biz), you may have noticed the Live Chat Software installed in the right sidebar.

    Live Chat Software - Open Communication

    You know? This is not just to look pretty, hehe! … I desire to have Open Communication with YOU, my rockin’ audience and followers! Try it out now … Go click on Live Chat. It will say Live Chat if I’m ONLINE and Email if I’m OFFLINE! This is also a quick way to send me an email if you have a personal question, comment or suggestion, joint venture, etc. you’d like to discuss with me. YOU don’t have to install anything! I have this installed on most of all of my sites, and I have a complete dashboard where I can engage conversation with anybody that visits my blog or other sites as well.

    This is simply a WP Plugin called just what it is and says: LIVE CHAT … I came across it when I was seeking out a skype button to place on my blogs and sites. It does cost to have a monthly service, however they give you a complete free trial to test it out and see if you like it, and its completely worth the payment thereafter (in my opinion).  I’M NOT TRYING TO SELL YOU ON ANYTHING! I wouldn’t dare!

    I simply …

    … Urge you to click on this icon from time to time in order to engage with ME!

    Its pretty cool how the software (as long as I have it open and running) speaks to me and says “New Vistor” or “Visitor Logging into Chat” (LOL). I can also see a range of demographics on the visitor. Don’t Worry! I can’t see any personal information; not anything that google analytics couldn’t tell me. Its “just that I get it in REAL TIME” … and “a click of the mouse” sends a pop up invitation for you to chat with me. PRETTY COOL, EH? (I rarely do that however just because I don’t like to bug my audience that may be reading valuable information!)

    I’m always seeking new, fresh ideas and ways to be unique and make my blogs and sites stand out from the crowd in this age of advertising overload.

    I know how important it is to be Real Genuine, provide an attractive quality … and Be Here When  You Need Me! … so click on ‘chat’ … Do it often! Let’s get to know one another.

    I’ll vow to be available as much as possible and if not, just interact with me via an email (for important matters) … other matters can be saved for the comments section and social networks.

    If you’re interested in this plugin, There are no affiliate commissions in it for me. Just search “Live Chat” in WP Plugins. It will be one of the first ones to pop up titled “Live Chat”

    Furthermore, This is a DO FOLLOW blog with COMMENT LUV … so after you facebook share and tweet, be sure to continue to leave me YOUR COMMENTS in the Comment Section …

    God Bless Your Success,

    Alpha Bizelli Advertising & PR, Inc. Passion Over Hype

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    God Bless Your Success,

    Alpha Bizelli Marketing & PR, Inc. - Passion Over Hype

  • Maximum Exposure – Is Your Blog Up To Par? Emphasis on COMMENT LUV (yeah, I love ya!): No Follow and Do Follow!

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    ~ Greetings Friendies, Families, and Co-Workies ~

    I just got finished working on my vision board project. I needed something to do while this video was processing. Gosh Dawg, It used up my entire CPU *hehe … Anyway, On to the subject at hand.

    Do you have your blog set properly?
    Is your wordpress blog up to par?
    What about CommentLuv?

    Let’s Discuss It:

    Aight, I’m a PR man that promised you the scoop so here it is. Karin Boode wrote a blog post recently that made A LOT of people stop and think as to whether their very own wordpress blog was set up properly in relation to LINKS and CommentLuv – CommentLuv is a popular wordpress plugin that allows the last post of the comment(er) to show up as a link below their comment. Pretty cool, eh? …
    … Not as great as you would think …

    Ok, This can be a very powerful tool, but there are some secrets we are leaving out. One in particular. A very detrimental one that MOST people DO NOT KNOW ABOUT!

    With wordpress’ default setup, the “backlink” is almost “pointless” because it really isn’t a “backlink” at all. WordPress adds a tag called “no follow” to the link. This immediately tells google to ignore the link when crawling the site/blog, therefore “You get NO BACKLINK”. The only way to fix this is to download and install the no-nofollow plugin!

    View the video below and learn how to make your blog into a “Do Follow” Blog as opposed to a “No Follow” Blog.


    Now, that you know what to do, Go do it!
    HERE is The No-No Follow Plugin Download Page
    (instructions are in the video)

    I  hope I’ve helped you out in some way. If you feel I’ve provided something valuable to  you, please share this blog post with a friend. Use the share options below and above to tweet, digg, facebook share and more!

    Please Share With a Friend, as well as Leave Your Feelings in The Comment Section Below!!!

    God Bless Your Success,

    Alpha Bizelli Marketing & PR, Inc. - Passion Over Hype