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This is a Do Follow Blog! What does that mean for you?


It means if you leave a comment, you don’t only have the potential of receiving direct traffic from comment luv, you receive a one-way backlink.

Backlinks are essential to SEO success, and any internet marketer will tell you that one-way is the “way” to go!

So, now you’re wondering “Is my blog Do Follow?” and if not, “How do I make it Do Follow?” … I’ve touched on this subject in a previous post thanks to a fellow tribe member: Karin Boode that brought these insights to my attention, but I really felt compelled to write about it again since it is detrimental to your blog success!

First of all, if you haven’t done anything to your wordpress blog, most likely it is No Follow (Not Do Follow) … See, wordpress automatically adds an attribute to the backlink called “No Follow” therefore google does not pay “as much” attention to these links.

1. First Step is installing the plugin: CommentLuv

2. Install the plugin: No No Follow

FOR MORE INFORMATION, Visit “Is Your Blog Up To Par?” on Manifest Your Dreams!

After you watch the video on the linked page, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to EASILY get set up with a Do Follow Blog.

Now considering, you’ll get a backlink by commenting on this post, I urge you to do so. Share your thoughts on the topic of Do Follow and No Follow blogs as well as comment plugins such as commentluv. What kind of comment system are you using on your blog?


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